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Customers are changing and so is the market. In order for a company to respond to this change and remain competitive it is necessary to optimise its processes; one important part of improving resides in the successful management of projects. Activity's consultants are able to manage and support projects at organisational and individual project level providing a solid response and using a wide range of services where they define requirements, design and implement the solutions (processes, templates, reports and software systems).

- consultancy
- project office
- mentoring
- PM tools implementation
- outsourcing
- interim management

PM intro
Projects and project management has literally existed since beginning of times, however it is really only since the early 1960s that Project Management, in its present mode, began to take form. The cold war is often mentioned as the kickoff for this new way to organize the work, where time, quality and resource efficiency was the key in the rearment race. Today project management is used to facilitate the achievement of goals and objectives in any kind of organization. One of the objectives is to define the targets that need to be achieved, together with the methodology, tools and resources. The adequate application of this will normally result in improved project success rates.

Advantages of Project Management
Project Management is used to provide a project with a structure in order to have a clear overview and facilitate decision making. The transparency of the structure, targets and planning also will lead to increased discipline.

Project Management amongst others has the following advantages:
- Processes will be standardised using best practices, this way increasing the productivity
- Greater control on scope, risk, cost and time
- Reduced rework as a consequence of planned quality activities
- Enhanced Teamwork
- Fluid communication through predefined plan
- Better control of your project portfolio

Methodology & Tools
We offer tailor made processes, templates and tools for the execution of your projects.
Our project Management is based on the market standards (e.g.: Prince 2, PMBOK®, CMM methodology) always adjusted to the clients needs or the clients in house methodology.
Activity has developed its own generic project management methodology, Atlas, enabling our project managers to apply the necessary method, processes and tools in any project

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